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Level of awareness in Laguna Studen

By maiquez Dec 03, 2014 1427 Words

“Level of Awareness of LPU-Laguna Students in Waste Segregation Practices”

Evangelista, Rose Anne B. Habacon, Meladine C. Students, Lyceum of the Philippines-Laguna College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management Culinary Arts and Kitchen Operations


The study aims to provide information of the “level of awareness of LPU-Laguna students in waste Segregation Practices and to monitor the importance of students in waste segregation inside the campus of the school. In making this research we are going to know the result by using a survey of the students. We are going to find out this problem which can help the environment by the help of 30 students of Lyceum of the Philippines-Laguna.

Keywords: Plastics, Foods, Glass, Paper, Metal, others


Education is an essential part of our existence which is why approximately 23 million of the Philippines population today is enrolled in elementary and secondary education. Of the 23million, around 20 million are students of public schools while the rest, about 3 million, are enrolled in private schools. With the recent implementation last June 4, 2012 of the K 12educational system, this number will increase exponentially in the years to come. A public school refers to all state- owned schools, colleges and universities (House Bill No. 1512 “Public School Security Act of 2012”)

Due to the expected rise in the number of enrollees because of the new educational system, the government has increased the 2013 DepEd budget by 22.6 percent to P292.7 billion, from P238.8 billion this year, to cater to the needs of public schools and to help them be as competitive as the private ones. In particular, funding for the Basic Educational Facilities and the School Building Program is increased by more than 50 percent from P17.4 billion this year toP26.3 billion in 2013 (2013 Budget Message of President Aquino).

To complement all the improvements, the government will construct 90,461 water and sanitation facilities to address the largest single environmental headache for schools which is waste.

Environmental health is one of the main concerns of schools and the government because it directly affects the students as well as the surrounding communities. Almost a quarter of the population are elementary and secondary students and as a group, they have an enormous impact on the environment. This impact is geared towards a positive one. The capacity of these students to influence is used appropriately so as to raise awareness and to compel the rest of the population to do the responsible act of proper waste disposal.

The common types of wastes in schools are grass, leaves, paper and plastics and they arise from routine activities such as class work, sweeping, serving of food, and bush cutting. These wastes need efficient and effective management because they may result to foul odors, pest infestation, and spillages if handled otherwise.

The problems associated with the disposal of wastes are more numerous in public schools due to factors such as the lack of facilities and the absence of student trainings regarding proper waste management. Aside from that, the increasing ratio of students to public schools (20 million students to 45,700 schools) as compared to the ratio of students to private schools (3 million students to 13,300 schools) sheds light on the overcrowded condition of public schools. A large number of students confined in a limited space is more prone to committing unsanitary practices. Also, the rise in public school population increases the rate of waste generation.

Public schools in the Philippines face many crisis everyday ranging from the insufficiency of facilities to the lack of sanitation. Otherwise, Dirty surroundings in private schools may not rank as high as the problem regarding the lack of teachers, but still it is way up there. It’s just that the other main problems are so pressing that the issue of sanitation is either ignored or set aside for the time being. The way the private school officials, teachers and students handle these matters are different from one public school to another. Because of that, this study is made.


Figure1. Conceptual Framework

The Conceptual Framework show the whole concept of the research in level of awareness of Lyceum of the Philippines-Laguna Student in waste segregation practices is nowadays, one of the greatest dilemmas in the community is the management of waste disposal of the people.

A school being an institution for learning and knowledge and one of the basic foundations in a community has proposed and tried different strategies to minimize these waste-related problems. It is important to gauge the awareness of the public, especially the students, with regards to waste management. As adults of the future, school are an important section of the public which can contribute so much help in obtaining the goal of reducing waste-related problems.

Waste Segregation is generated whenever there are humans. A school being a community of large population of students, it is inevitable that it can be one of the big contributors of wastes. There is an urgent need to educate the students about waste reduction as a viable means of solid waste management. Pertaining to this issue, Lyceum of the Philippines-Laguna introduces a variety of means to promote a cleaner and greener environment. This should include recycling a variety of materials to help reduce waste generation, instituting grass cycling and maintains a compost pile for other yard wastes, soiled paper, and some food wastes.

Not only has this reduced wastes and lowered costs associated with handling and disposal of the grass clippings, it has cut maintenance costs associated with fertilization and watering. Moreover, one school has built a outdoor classroom area with native plants, recycled plastic benches, and bridges on a nature trail through the woods near the school. Doing this, the students of Lyceum of the Philippines- Laguna would be exposed to outside environment and learned to appreciate it and be motivated to reduce litter.

Those were just the few of a numerous way to minimize the problem. Recycling is one of the easiest and common strategies being practiced in schools or even in households. The school began recycling to develop students’ awareness of their impact on the environment and build habits for improving the environment. LPU-Laguna Students learn why recycling is important through a presentation about recycling that teachers show to all students. Waste Segregation is not just a government’s responsibility. It should also be done by every individual. Since garbage starts from one’s home, waste management should start from it as well. Using materials that are environment friendly, we can help in minimizing and even solving the garbage problems of the Philippines.

Objectives of the Study

Ensure the Design and Manufacture of the product that avoid or minimize waste generation. to Ensure the protection of the environment though effectives waste management measure and Increase an efficient and effectives waste segregation management.


The Study covers the data collected from 30 respondents in lyceum of the Philippines-Laguna this October 2014. The Data were retrieved from the people who answer our survey were derived from the student of Lyceum of the Philippines-Laguna. KM 54 National Highway, Makiling, Calamba City, Laguna, The Age of the subject ranged from 17 to 22 years with most of the respondents belonging to the different department of student inside the campus.


Chart 1. Distribution of the Respondents According to percentage.

Chart 2 shows the frequency of respondents according to gender. Majority who participated are female 19 (2.84%) while the male respondents are composed of 11 or(2.4%)


The Lyceum of the Philippines-Laguna needs to improve their measurement practices when it comes to waste disposal even though they are in the private school.

The Lyceum of the Philippines-Laguna faculty must guide their students on how the right and proper use of garbage so that the student will know their rule and responsibilities when it comes in awareness in waste segregation.


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