Level 2 Media - Gaga and Audience Study

Topics: Twitter, Record label, Pop music Pages: 8 (3334 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Lady Gaga is beyond just a modern pop star; she is a product as well. From literally selling singles, albums and concert tickets, Lady Gaga is also selling herself as a brand. She is a media construct who is artificial and created for a specific target audience in the effort for the maximum commercial gain. Her ‘Little Monsters’ are the ‘buyers’ in the product and purchaser relationship and they not only buy into the idea of her as an artist but also as an icon and a brand. Her brand and image is established in several ways through her design including how she portrays herself as a modern pop package and her personality. She spreads awareness of herself through market and promotion including social media and music videos in order to maintain a convincing relationship to her fans.

There are three main parties involved with this relationship Gaga has with her fans. First of all, her record label, Interscope who signed her in 2007 are part of a conglomerate, Universal Music hence they have identified her as a way to make a financial return on their investment and look to benefit from this relationship financially. Secondly, Lady Gaga is another party in this relationship. She also similarly benefits financially as well as being able to live her dream and passion of music or at least that is hat she is trying to portray. Lastly, her ‘Little Monsters’ are the last party involved. Made up predominately of teenagers to mid 30’s and also the gay community, they benefit from contributing to her success and ultimately finding joy and happiness from this. The main aim of the relationship is to maximise the commercial success from increasing sales of her physical products.

Her design is a way in which Lady Gaga endeavours to establish and maintain a relationship with her audience. Two main aspects of her design include how she is a modern pop package and her personality while others include her look, religious cult figure and her name. A modern pop package refers to how Gaga produces music within the pop bracket but also how she follows international and local trends in terms of fashion or technology. This is an effective way for Gaga to create the relationship with her audience because of several benefits of a modern pop package. Firstly, pop music reaches out to a large audience not only on Top 40 music stations but in mainstream media in general. As a result there is an increase in appeal from a wider audience allowing the relationship to occur on a wider scale. Secondly, because the target age demographic for pop music would be the 15-35 age group and they have the most income available to spend on entertainment, she is able to maximise sales hence financial return for herself and her record label. In general pop music refers to music that deals with typical topics like love or fame or having fun. Gaga’s debut single, ‘Just Dance’ is an example of her work to show how she fits into this genre of music. It speaks about being free, having a good time reinforcing this idea that pop music is usually made for listening ple asure as opposed to real craft or message sending and ‘Just Dance’ certainly fits into the category. An increasing part of a modern pop package is appealing genuine and authentic to their fans and ensuring them that the relationship is genuine. Personality is another aspect of her design that enables Gaga to have a relationship with her fans. Her personality refers to her portrayal of herself to be genuine and that she really cares about her fans. The way in which she advocates difference is a main method in which she does this. This allows her to develop the relationship because by making individuals feel included and important, fans then feel that they need to repay her by giving her unconditional support. Examples of this would be at her concert in Auckland where she sings Happy Birthday to one of her fans, Minisha. She took the effort to learn the correct pronunciation of her name and this shows the...
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