Letters from a Skeptic

Topics: Christianity, Jesus, New Testament Pages: 4 (1654 words) Published: April 18, 2011
Christiane Desir

Letters From A Skeptic
How do you convert a skeptic? This is the central issue Dr. Gregory Boyd faces when he invites his father to partake in several correspondences about Christianity. Dr. Gregory Boyd is a theology professor at Bethel College. He currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife and three children. He completed his Bachelors from the University of Minnesota, attended Yale Divinity School, and completed his Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary. Besides being a professor, Greg is also pastor at Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is also an author of three books and several theological articles. His father Edward K. Boyd is a retired sales management, who lives in Florida.

After several years of trying to convert his father to Christianity, Greg felt the Holy Spirit leading him to attempt one more time to invite his father towards the Christian faith. Greg wrote his father the first letter, asking him if he would take part in talking through some of the issues he had with Christianity. Greg’s father finally accepted his invitation in March of 1989. Their long-time dialogue was through letters, which lasted about three years. Edward was very skeptical about Christianity and after having no faith in the Gospel, he finally accepted Jesus as his personal savior on January 15, 1992. This book is concentrated on questions Edward has about Christianity, which he directs towards his son Greg. These questions ranged from questions about what Edwards referred to as so-called "Christians," to questions about God, questions about Jesus Christ, questions about the Bible and questions about the Christian life. In the end they go from arguing whether Christianity is true to discussing how Christianity is true.

The first sets of twelve letters are correspondences about God. Edward questions Greg about how a God with so much power and love for the world could let the church to do much do harm to humanity. Edward...
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