Letters from Rifka Summary

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November 30, 1919

Warsaw, Poland

Mama, Papa, Nathan and Saul go to America, but Rikfa can´t go. Rikfa can´t go beacuse she has ringworm in her head. She stays and her family leaves.

I think this is really bad beacause she´s only 12 years old and they can´t leave her alone in a big city. She has to go with her family.

December 1, 1919

Warsaw, Poland

Rikfa has to go to another country and leave her family. She will go to another family like immigrant, that family will take care of her.

What I think about this letter is that the goodhearted women of the HIAS is really helping the family and also Rifka.

Feburary 25, 1920 Pg. 51


Rifka hurt when she said goodbye to mama and papa.Rikfa turns thirteen she did not celebrated.All her hair is gone now.Rifka is getting a treatment on her head I think that this letter is really sad beacuse Rikfa spent her birthday alone with no family and all her hair is gone now. Rifka is pasing threw a really rough time.

September 21,1920
Atlantic Ocean
Rifka is in her way to America. She suffers a terrible storm in the ocean and loses Pieter, one of her greatest friends. I think that Rikfa is a girl that even if she lost her friend, she is still strong and stays positive. Also, she has faith.

October 1,1920
Entering New York Harbor
Rikfa is arriving at Ellis Island. She made it through the sea and she’ s really happy that she will see her family again soon. In this letter I feel really good about Rifka. I am happy for her because she will see her family again and have a lot of happiness.

October 2,1920
Ellis Island
Rikfa can’ t enter America! This is because the goverment thinks she will never get a husband and never get married beacuse of her baldness. and if she never gets one the goverment will have to take care of her. I think that this is really unfair because Rikfa has been dreaming of going to America all her life. Now she...
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