Class Divided

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When I first read the title a Class Divided; the first thought that came to my mind was another story about Blacks and Whites being separated. I really had no idea that what I was about to see and read would be a learning lesson like one I had never had before. But to my surprise once I started reading the article One Friday in April 1968 I knew that this was going to be different then any thing I had read. So I allowed myself to fill what the writer was writing to try and fill what Jane Elliott had felt that day in April in 1968. As she prepared to face a group of 3rd grade students who happened, to be white and teach them about racism and discrimination something she hoped they would understand the rest of their lives. Jane Elliott had taught her class about what the two things had mint before but not on the level she had planed to go to today; she hoped that with what she was planning to do would not mean she had crossed the line to far, but if not her then who and if not then when. It was not something that Jane Elliott could put off any longer. With the assassination of Rev Martin Luther King the night before this assignment was sure not to be an easy task. Jane Elliott knew things would be different in class this morning! But she was a women who knew in her heart what task laid before her and not quite sure how the outcome would be, or how or what response the children or their parents may have it was to late too turn around now. This was a situation that was going on all over the world not just in her town or in America. And it was time that someone brought right to the face of Americans children I mean who is the leaders of tomorrow but the children of today. And they might as well get a taste of the real world now; really what could the worst that could happen? You might find out that even at that young age, some of them might even understand that racism and discrimination is something they never want to be a part of or on the flip side you would have a bunch of racists’ running around; it was best to know now what kind of people were being raised instead of finding out later when they get to old to even change. The technique that Jane Elliott used was very different then any I had heard about and since by the video I knew there where no blacks in her class to see how she would divide the class I was very interested. And here white women a teacher from a rule town was willing to put and idea a solution of an age old question of how to stop discrimination. Something the nation had no solution to and countries and people were battling over everyday. How was this demonstration with kids going to change anything? Jane Elliott took a chance not just for wanting to teach students about racism and discrimination but teach it in a manner in which you as a person could actually feel acknowledge and understand the experience that they just went through to know how it feels to walk in another man shoes. Jane wanted her students to understand that at the end of the day no one is superior or inferior to anyone else no matter what your status is in life. Now I admit I had no idea how she was going to approach this difficult task and get the point across but as I continued to watch on, it was becoming clearer. When Jane Elliott started her class the following morning it started off I guess you could say any normal class day would start the students seem to be as happy as the average 3rd grader would be. The normal inquisitive minds of most kids; as the kids hung up there coast and put away their coat and lunches away she started getting the kids in order and as class started she asked them a question like did they know what were some of the things that made other people different from themselves and other whites. Some said size one said clothes but color was the one they all could agree on and so she asked them what where some of the skin colors that where different then...
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