Letter Writing Decline

Topics: Mobile phone, E-mail, Internet Pages: 1 (385 words) Published: December 10, 2008
The cell phone is a form of communication that almost everyone uses daily to speak with friends, family, and business associates. People would rather use cell phones than write a letter because calling someone is more efficient. The information can travel much faster by cell phone conversation rather than sitting down, writing the letter, mailing the letter, and waiting on a response. People do not always have the time to sit down and write a letter. With the cell phone one can communicate anytime or anywhere. A letter cannot be written anytime or anywhere and if a reply is needed much more time would be spent waiting on the reply. With all cell phones one can transfer ideas quicker and receive a response immediately rather than waiting on a letter to come through the mail. It is much easier to pick up and cell phone and communicate with someone than picking up a pencil and writing a letter to someone. A widely used form of communication that is used daily is the Internet.. Recently, individuals have used the Internet to communicate with family and friends. The Internet has several advantages over the letter is that you are still writing a letter it just has a quicker response and real time communication. The Internet as a form of communication is somewhat like writing a letter only the response is quicker and it involves no handwriting. The letter writing is in the form of an Email. With Email people can send and receive many different files each with little computer enhancements. Emails can be sent to as many people as you want with the click of the mouse. The Internet is the more technological way to write and send a letter. Letter writing allowed people to communicate over long distances in the past. Individuals will no longer take the time to sit down and write a letter and wait on a response. Now people can communicate with anyone in the world with a click of a mouse or a call on a cell phone. The invention of cell phones has made our way of communication...
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