Letter to a Editor

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., Vietnam War, John F. Kennedy Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: August 26, 2013
8.03 Write Your Final Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,
I hope you are very well by the grace of god. I took this course in a time of 2 weeks or maybe less. I really appreciate your attention and your good way of trying to help me out in this course. I am so sorry I’ve take more time than you’re supposed to take in the NJVS. I would like to let you know that I really enjoyed taking this course online with you. It was easy for me because I already learned about some of the Module during my school year in English 3. Three topics I enjoyed during the course were about learning “The house on mango Street”. Another one was “Module 1 William Bradford” & last but not least is “Sylvia Path”. I have a connection in these three different assignments. I enjoyed Mango Street because this is a story of a Spanish family. The main character is a Spanish girl named Esperanza. Her parents always talked about their dream house. When her family moved to a new house the first they have ever owned, on Mango Street in the Latino section of Chicago. Esperanza is disappointed by the red, ramshackle house. It is not at all the dream-house her parents had always talked about, nor is it the house high on a hill that Esperanza vows to one day own her own. I have a connection because I remember when I first came to the United States, my mom always talked about how I was going to have my own room and when I came I didn’t have it at all, I had to sleep with my two brothers. But thank god we are in a better place now. In the Biography of William Bradford I learned how he lost most of his family, his father, his mother and became an orphan then he moved with his uncles and realized he was sick and couldn’t work. So therefor he started reading and became familiar with the writing and reading. I really enjoyed reading about William Bradford because I learned there’s no impossible thing in life. Even though his parents died and he wasn’t capable to...
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