English Assignment: William Bradford

Topics: Marriage, Plymouth, Massachusetts, Mayflower Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: August 12, 2013
Assignment 1.03:

Part One:

1. In complete sentence format, list three specific details you learned about William Bradford from this reading. William Bradford, born in 1589/90, had the misfortune of being orphaned by the age of 7. Regrettably, he later suffered this tragedy again with his wife, Dorothy, who drowned from falling overboard while looking for a place to settle. In 1623, he remarried to Alice Southworth with whom he had three more children, all surviving to adulthood and marriage.

2. In two sentences, explain why you think Bradford is significant in American history. William Bradford is of great significance to American history because he plays a big role in how America started off including being the Governor of Plymouth for many years. Another reason for why Bradford is significant to American history is that he played a major role in the “First” Thanksgiving as he had had a similar feast to celebrate his second marriage.

3. What personal tragedy occurred while the Mayflower was anchored off Province town Harbor? (Remember, use complete sentences please.) While the Mayflower was anchored off Province town Harbor, William Bradford suffered the tragedy of death with his wife, Dorothy, who drowned from falling overboard while looking for a place to settle.

Part Two:

Since the time the pirates arrived, our lives were altered. These pirates belittle our way of life. Various pirates even belittle their captain. I desire for them to go back to wherever they originated from. They could in the least bit make an effort to submit to our laws if they will be staying with us. Somebody ought to force them to repair all of the destruction they are responsible for. These measly pirates have repulsive manners. More accurately, they have absolutely no manners. They do not cleanse frequently and have nauseating odor. Countless of the pirates tread the streets at all hours of the day.

I even discovered one pirate barge into a nearby...
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