Letter to the Queen About Derek Bently

Topics: Murder, Law, Mind Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: October 9, 2010
Buckingham Palace,
Buckingham Palace Rd,

99 West Road ,
chessington ,
Surrey ,
Kt9 2nr

Involving the death sentence of Derek Bentley
Your Majesty the Queen,
The reason in which I am writing this letter to explain why I feel you need to reconsider Derek Bentley’s death name. Derek shouldn’t have been killed for Christopher Craig shooting a member of the law, Derek isn’t a Murder fair enough Derek had got into the wrong crowed and he stupidly broke into the shop where he was found, But Derek was a honest person, he is a mentally ill boy with the mind of a 11year old, he couldn’t think for himself. The evidence in which the court decided his penalty on was “Let him have it” this was obviously misunderstood in the wrong way, the penalty was death, the sentence was based on poor evidence even though the jury saw all Derek had was Knuckle Dusters they could obviously see when they took out what Christopher had a gun so therefore you can see that Derek was never going there intending to kill anyone and he also said he didn’t even no Chris had a gun. Derek has stayed out of trouble his whole life, as soon as Christopher Craig dug his claws into him and twisted his mind, he started to get into trouble. I can’t express enough how injustice the court was, Christopher Craig only got maximum of 10 years in juvenile prison, and for the 16 year old boy who has been in and out of the paper his whole life and so even thought Derek hasn’t done anything wrong his whole life he still got a death penalty and he didn’t even do anything. I am also writing on the half of the country, the people of the country has heard about the case and death of my son and have started campaigns against the death name and they also did a partition against the sentence but it was too late, I also got over 1000 letters to say how much they are praying for Derek and how wrong and unfair the sentence was. I am pleading that the sentence if lifted as there is a lack of...
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