Letter on violent video games

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Dear Parent,

I have recently read your e-mail concerning your child, who is being addicted to violent video games. You stated that he appears to be more aggressive than usual and had some fights at school. Regarding your concerns I would like to kindly advise you on this topic in order your child’s character does not get any worse.

Firstly, I would offer you to reduce the time on playing violent video games. If you see that your child is becoming addicted you should simultaneously put an hour limit. You’d rather did not forbid him to play, because this would make him even angrier. Just let him play for one or two times a day. This would reduce the chance of becoming aggressive after playing violet video games. Secondly, if I were you, I would spend more time with the children outside. Even though it seems that you have a prefect relationship with him it is still worth to give a try to spend more time with him and know him even better. This would distract him from violent games and he will see that there is a lot of other great activities – for example skating in snow arena. Thirdly, why don’t you shift your home games collection from violent to logic? Industry nowadays is fulfilled with the type of these and I can assure you will not face any difficulties in finding them. This would also broaden yours child mind and he will see that there is plenty of other games he could play. I hope I have given you some useful advises. Please let me know if any of these worked. Kind regards,

Dr. Craig Anderson

280 words
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