Regulating Video Games

Topics: Video game, Video game industry, Violence Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: December 22, 2008
Regulating Violent Video Games
1. Introduction
2. It is the responsibility of the parent to regulate their children’s exposure to violent video games. a. Parents are to ensure children understand that games aren’t real b. Violence is taught.

3. The government shouldn’t regulate violent video games a. The government should have no control over what games are released. 4. My personal experience as a single parent
a. How much exposure my child gets to video games
b. Values I have instilled in my child
5. Estimated users of violent video games
6. Conclusion

Regulating Video Games

It is the sole responsibility of parents to control what types of games their children play. If parents want to allow their children to play violent games it is their decision to make. Parents should ensure that their children know the difference between video games and real life. Many people believe that violent video games are a major cause of violent crimes. Several states introduced laws restricting violent video games which were then over turned in federal court. That suggests that the violence in video games doesn’t cause aggression.

Parents need to ensure that their children know that video games are solely for entertainment purposes only. Video games are rated so parents can know how violent they are. Violence is a behavior that is taught. Children should be taught at home, the difference between fantasy and reality. As long as parents stress to their children the difference between right and wrong, children will know that the violence in the video games isn’t real.

The government shouldn’t regulate video games. The government should have no control over what games are released. Video games, whether violent or not, should be restricted by parents. The video game industry voluntarily rates itself making it easier for parents to judge whether they feel a game is appropriate. There is neither research nor...
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