Letter "...Friends with Benefits.."

Topics: High school, Interpersonal relationship / Pages: 3 (650 words) / Published: Nov 22nd, 2010
Dear Mr. Lewis,
When I was reading “Friends, Friends with Benefits, and Benefits of the Local Mall”, I could only help but to think back to my middle school and high school years. Even though it was not that long ago for me, some of the information in the essay was a little dated but nonetheless, most of what was said by the students that were interviewed has not really changed. I understood the topics that the students talked about and the issues they faced.
I can identify with Melissa; I have a friend that had the same type of relationship with one of her friends. At first they started getting to know each other, they had always known each other for many years. But conversations were never more than a “Hey how are you”, as they got older they began to get to know each other a little more. At the time he had a girlfriend and they had been together for a little over a year but my friend continued to talk to him all the time. She always told me that they were nothing more than friends, but I knew different because I knew her. As the weeks, months, and eventually years passed, she lost her virginity to him and she has not really moved on since. To this day, they still meet up with each other and have sex nothing more and nothing less.
My friend’s situation is one of the many results in the outcomes of “friends with benefits” relationships. Most of the times “friends with benefits” relationships never work out, my grandfather told me something when I was younger and I never understood it until I matured. He told me that most men do not want what they already have. There is validity behind his opinion and over my middle and high school years I saw it firsthand. Many of my friends would meet a boy, talk to him for a few weeks in order to “get to know him “and then partake in some type of sexual activity shortly after. I have learned over the years that once a person invests time into getting to know someone they become connected in one way or another. As much as

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