Therapuetic Approaches and Treatment Plan with Case Study

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This married couple presented as a Caucasian male and female, both 26 years old. They both grew up in Sarasota, FL where they attended Sarasota High School. They report that they met sophomore year of high school but did not become friends until their junior year. They met through mutual friends at a party, and report at the time they did not take much notice to one another because they were both involved with other people at the time. They report junior year was when they became good friends and after both broke up with their other partners began dating at the end of junior year. They report by the time senior year of high school came around they were both pretty serious with one another. However, he reports that towards the end of their senior year they began having problems because he had applied to Penn State in Pennsylvania, his first choice and she had only applied to University of South Florida in Tampa. At the end of their senior year summer they decided to continue their long distance relationship and see what the “future may hold” as she described it. Their freshman year of college held different experiences for both of them. She began her college experience at the University of South Florida where she stayed in a coed dorm, while he traveled to Pennsylvania to attend Penn State and lived in an all male dorm. He reports that this was significant to both of their college experiences as he was never tempted to cheat on her. They report that towards the beginning of their freshman year they called one another every night, and kept in touch by computer on a consistent basis. He reports when he came home for winter break nothing had changed between them, they were both very much in love. She joined a sorority spring semester and reports feeling pressured to compete with her new friends, as she was the only one in a relationship and feels as though she were missing out by not having a close in proximity boyfriend. In her dorm she met another male who was in many of her same classes and was also in a fraternity so she saw him frequently. She describes her sorority formal as the turning point for her. She reports that she called her now husband to attend her formal, but he couldn’t because class was still in session at Penn State. So she took her new friend and reports that alcohol became involved and they slept with one another. She reports that she maintained a relationship with this new guy without informing her now husband the entire time. Towards the end of freshman year she describes a critical moment for their relationship was when she became pregnant from this other boy and had an abortion. She felt like she was hiding to much from her now husband and decided to break things off with him. He never finished his sophomore year in college as he joined the Marines and was sent to California. They report that they kept in touch on and off but report they were not dating. She describes this experience significant, she had 3 more years to be able to date other men and be “free” and he believes it was important because he could date other women with feeling any guilt. When he would come home on vacation they would still see each other and date as if nothing had changed, even though she reports seeing other men at the same time. During our interview, it was clear much of her dating past had not been shared with him as he became noticeably upset. She graduated college in 2004 and accepted a job as a social worker when she describes that her life settled down drastically. She stopped dating other men and began keeping in touch with her now husband on a consistent basis again. They spoke every day and reported they made a pact when he got out of the Marines and moved back to Sarasota to become an official couple again. During this time she made many trips to California and he came back to Florida when he could. In December 2004 he came back for the Christmas holiday and surprised her with a ring....

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