Lesson Plan - Listening Skills

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Trainee: TP/Lesson No.: Slot: Date:

Level: ElementaryLength: 40m Lesson type: Language: G/V/F Skills: R/W/L/S

Aim: by the end of my lesson, students will be able to listen to conversations involving time for gist and specific information

Context: Conversations relating to specific venue i.e. cinema, exhibition and concert.

Evidence (How will I know I have achieved the aim?):
Students are able to gist information relating to price, time and type of event by listening to the conversation audio. Students are also able to use new lexis (cinema/exhibition/concert).

1. H/O – Advert samples containing blanks to be filled

Topic is interesting enough and will capture their attention to listen conscientiously. Most of the students will think of concerts/cinema/exhibitions they visited or attended before.


Language Analysis
Key structure/lexis/function
Anticipated Problems
Suggested Solutions
Meaning /Use :
Cinema – a place you pay to watch movies
Some students may confuse cinema with theatre. (only clarify if any student ask about it to avoid confusion) Concept check –
What do you do at the cinema?
What is the latest movie you watched at the cinema?

Cinema (noun, place)

Cinema / Theatre
Students may pronouns it as cinema.

Drill chorally and individually.

Meaning /Use :
Exhibition – public display work of artist, products/service, activities, trade fair Students may question with lots of scenarios to confirm the definition. Concept check –
Did you attend any exhibition recently?
Name me one type of exhibition.

Exhibition (noun, place)

Students may pronouns it as exhibition
Drill chorally and individually.

Meaning /Use :
Concert - public musical performance

Concept check –
Who is your favourite singer? Have you seen him/her singing live in a concert? Form:
Concert (noun, place)


Drill chorally and individually.
Meaning /Use :
Pound Sterling / Pence –
name for money in the UK
Student may confuse pound as the old metric measurement for weight. (only clarify if any student ask about it to avoid confusion) Explain that pound can be used to measure money and weight. (only clarify if any student ask about it to avoid confusion)

Pound,Penny (Singular)
Pounds Sterling / Pence (plural)
(noun, money, countable)
Student may say;
1pound, 2pound
1penny, 3penny, 50penny
Drill with students 2pounds, 100pounds, 50pence, 1penny.
Pound / Penny, Pence
No stress for Pound and Pence, only one syllable.

Anticipated Problems
(with topic, management, activities, learning styles)
Suggested Solutions
Ss may get too excited and got carried-away when T is eliciting cinema/exhibition/concert Ensure class is controlled and maintain Ss attention to T

Points I want to develop in my teaching
How I will develop them
1. Give clear instructions
Draft instructions and ICQs and test them prior to class. Must get all Sss’ attention when speaking 2. Build and enhance rapport with Ss
Remind Ss of my name before start of class. Joke with the Ss in the class especially when eliciting the new lexis.

Stage name
& aim
Timing &
Tutor Comments

To create students attention on the topic – introducing a context 1. T introduce himself again since there is/are new Ss in class

2. Ask Ss to discuss with a partner, “Where do you like to go on weekends?” (question is displayed on the board)

3. T asks Ss to feedback on their partner’s activities.
T>Ss 1m

Ss-Ss 2m

T>Ss 2m

Pre-teach Vocabulary 1 – eliciting and concept checks

1. T elicits ‘Cinema’ from Ss
“Who likes to watch movies?”
“Where do you go to watch a movie?”
Cinema is a place you visit...
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