Communication Essay

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Breakdown in the Communication Process

Communication is the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing, or behavior. It is a two-way process of reaching mutual understanding, in which participants not only exchange (encode-decode) information, news, ideas and feelings but also create and share meaning. In general, communication is a means of connecting people or places. Teachers have an increasingly difficult job trying to communicate effectively to classrooms that are growing in size or may contain students who come from varied backgrounds. Some common barriers to effective communication in the classroom are: Noise and Time Pressures. Noise, as a communication concept, refers to any sounds that distract from the message at hand. When giving a presentation, physical noise, such as construction sounds or secondary conversation between classmates, can serve as obstacles to communication. Other physical distractions are also there such as, poor lightning, uncomfortable sitting, unhygienic room also affects communication in a class. Similarly the use of loud speakers interferes with communication. Often in a classroom the targets have to be achieved within a specified time period, the failure of which has adverse consequences. In a haste to meet deadlines, the formal channels of communication are shortened, or messages are partially given or not completely transferred. Thus sufficient time should be given for effective communication.


Write an essay on “A breakdown in the communication process”. First, define communication and then state two factors which may cause a breakdown in communication in a class. Next, give three reasons why a breakdown in communication may affect group activities. Finally, suggest to youth groups one measure that their members may take to maintain effective communication. Write a statement to support the measure you have suggested....
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