Sei Listening and Speaking Lesson

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Template for Full Structured English Immersion (SEI) Completion Course (45 hours)

Name:| |
Proficiency Level:| High Intermediate| Est. time frame to complete lesson| 45 minutes| *School/District:| |

ELP Domain and Standard:|
ELL Stage III: Grades 3-5 Listening and SpeakingStandard 2: The student will express orally his or her own thinking and ideas. | |
Performance Indicator:|
HI-4: participating in socio-functional communication tasks using complete sentences. | |
Language Strand(s):|
Delivery of Oral Communication|
Key Vocabulary:|
Definition: An instruction, indication, or order given with authority Context: It is important to give directions that are easy to follow and in the right order.discussion Definition: An earnest conversation

Context: A group discussion is a great place to share new information.listen Definition: To pay attention or make an effort to hear something Context: Listen to how Kat and Kenny take turns speaking.question Definition: An expression of inquiry that invites or calls for a reply Context: Asking a question is one way to learn more about a topic.speak Definition: To talk or express oneself

Context: It is important to take turns when you speak with friends.| |
Lesson Sequence:|
Students will * Learn how to be a good listener. * Learn how to be a good speaker. * Practice listening and speaking skills with classmates.Materials: * Pencils and erasers * "Have You Ever..." search paper, 1 copy per student (see Procedures below) * Computer with Internet access (optional)Procedures: 1. Before beginning the lesson, create a "Have You Ever?" search paper by dividing a piece of white paper into 16 equal squares: Draw four columns down and four rows across the sheet of paper. At the bottom of each square write something that at least one student in the class may have experienced or a quality at least one student may...
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