lesson plan

Topics: Learning, Play, Intelligence Pages: 2 (293 words) Published: September 1, 2014
 Lesson Plan

Grade Level:
Dramatic Play
Prepared By:
Beverly Walker

Activity Name:
Manner/learning centers
Learning Domain
Social and Emotion skills
Overview & Purpose
Children will learn how to work with others in play and group activities and the values, beliefs, customs of others

Education Standards Addressed

If your state has early learning standards, please identify and list the standards that this lesson addresses

(Specify skills/information that will be learned.)
The children will learn the appropriately way to react in various situations using the manners we have learned throughout the week. The children will use social skills to work with others
Materials Needed:
4-5 Children
1 Coat
1 Sweater shirt
Water fountain
2 chairs
(Specific skill/ concept being taught in lesson)

We all is unique individual.
To respect individual differences and functioning.
To be friendly, cooperative, and self-controlled behavior. Nonviolent solutions to conflict.
Friendship skills


Other Resources:
(e.g. Web, books, etc.)

Procedure/s: (List of steps in lesson delivery) Include as applicable and in order of delivery: Examine & Talk, Demonstrate, Model, Plan, Guide, Record, Describe, Explore, Acquire, Practice, etc.

The teacher will set up the dramatic play area before calling children over. There will be a table with two chairs and two crayon and paper. Teacher will have 4-5 children in the dramatic play area at a time. The teacher and the aid will perform role play in various situations and the children will find solutions to the problems presented. The children will decide what would be the best to do in a given situation and act it out. The children will have the...
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