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Executive summary

Established in 1933, Bee Cheng Hiang (BCH) has since grown from a mobile stall selling barbecued pork to becoming today’s market leader with 28 retail outlets in Singapore. Barbecued pork is known to many as bakkwa, a festive nibble during the Lunar New Year celebrations.

The following report has been divided into stage 1 and 2, each providing a more detailed understanding on the integrated marketing communication (IMC) program to market and position the brand by “building it into individual’s lifestyle”.

In Stage 1, the topics covered are the current situational analysis of BCH and the marketing communication objectives and budget for the implemented IMC plan designed. In the current situational analysis, the issue of repositioning the brand in consumers by advertising and promotion is highlighted and elaborated, followed by the competitive frame of the local bakkwa market, BCH’s market operations and the consumer analysis. The key communication objective for the designed IMC program is A to change the public perception on the brand and its product offering thus helping BCH gain an increase in overall sales by 20%. The total budget for the IMC plan is divided into five portions with allocated percentages for the different costs.

In Stage 2, a more comprehensive elaboration on the budgeting, the media types used and the timing for the IMC program are provided. The pulsing scheduling method for the campaign during the intended duration of six months is used for effective communication to the targeted audience. A story board with the portrayal of four different scenes is included with the tagline “爱在美珍香”, meaning love in BCH to illustrate that there is love in BCH’s products. The media plan will focus on the aspects of television commercials, print advertisements, publicity, public relations, Internet marketing and sales promotion. Strategic, efficiency, profitability and annual plan controls are the various evaluation and control methods used for the IMC program. For example, to evaluate on the efficiency of the communication, a focus group session will be done comprising of family members of different families with different generations.

1. Problems Bee Cheng Hiang’s Advertising and Promotional Plans To Solve

Currently, Bee Cheng Hiang’s (BCH) has established itself as the market leader of the bakkwa trade in Singapore, hence the team has concluded that BCH’s advertising and promotional plans does not intend to solve any problems but rather, continue to market and position the brand and its products by “building it into individual’s lifestyle”.

Based on their television commercials and print ads, observations can be made on how BCH incorporates eating bakkwa into individual’s everyday lifestyle; eating it with family, sharing it with a loved one. These are the numerous ways that the brand intends to develop an understanding amongst consumers of being able to enjoy bakkwa everyday.

2.Bee Cheng Hiang’s Competitive Frame

BCH faces tough competition against key players such as Fragrance Foodstuff, Lim Chee Guan and Kim Hock Guan in the market. As mentioned, BCH and its direct competitors operate within the same product category of food, for instance, their famous barbecued pork, floss and Chinese sausages.

BCH versus Fragrance

| |Bee Cheng Hiang |Fragrance | |Product |Sells mainly barbecued pork, floss, Chinese sausages, |Sells mainly barbecued pork, floss, Chinese sausages, | | |snacks (cuttlefish, prawn roll) and abalone. |mooncakes, snacks and a variety of cuttlefish. | |Price |$45/kg (non-peak) |$43/kg (non-peak) | | |>$50/kg (during CNY) |>$50/kg...
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