IMC Plan for Milo

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1 – Executive Summary
This Integrated Marketing Communication plan has been produced by means of the brand Milo. The IMC plan will demonstrate a situation analysis, which discusses the current internal and external position of Milo. Within the situation analysis, the information conducted is about the brand, competitors, the outside environment, threats and opportunities. This therefore helped investigating into a target audience, in this case the age group 25-34 year olds have been selected. The areas that have been explored within the target audience also include a further insight into the target audience, attitudes and lifestyles, purchasing habits and media usage. The justifications for this particular chosen target audience to create the IMC plan have been explained in full depth, with supporting evidence of tabulations and external sources. There are three specific SMART objectives that have been devised for this particular IMC, which cover the major types; this being cognitive, affective and conative. These objectives have been elected due to indication provided in the situation analysis and target audience sections. For example, the objective conative (Do) is based on digital marketing because of the preferred number of heavy internet users for this age group of 25-34 year olds, which is evident throughout this IMC plan. In order to achieve these objectives an IMC strategy has been put into order, which also discusses how the brand Milo will be linked to the customer and how these functions will create synergy. Furthermore the IMC functions used in order to meet the objectives are to use sales promotion, television advertising and digital marketing. The validation for these choices of IMC functions also relate back to the evidence from the target audience. These justifications lead to developing a creative strategy, which provides a message as to what this big idea will scope the basis of the campaign in terms of the major selling point. The way in which all of these sections part of the IMC plan have been portrayed; consequently has directed the media strategy, which the main purpose is to give good reason for how the brand Milo is going to engage with the selected target audience. The way in which this strategy has been conducted has been supported with the use of tabulations, profilers and charts that justify when each media will be used and how often it will be used. Moreover there is a media plan to support the way in which the particular media strategy will work, with an inclusion of a budget breakdown. The final part of this IMC plan will portray what the basis of the budget is and ensuring that a contingency amount has been used. In addition to this will be an explanation as to how the IMC plan and objectives will be a success. 2 – Introduction

3 – Situation Analysis
Strength * Milo is a part of the brand Nestle. * Nestle is a global brand known worldwide. * Milo runs number of different Products such as chocolate bars, ice-cream and cereal. * Australian invention, long history in Australia. * Packaging is it reflects Australian ‘colours.’ * Known as a nutritious drink for kids - Vitamins & Minerals, when combined with milk. * Milo has an online website. Milo is joined on social networks such as facebook. They also have TV commercials. * Milo is rich in Protein for muscle growth and development. A glass of MILO with milk provides a source of high quality protein.| Weakness * Due to it being a chocolate drink, a lot of parents would minimize the amount their kids could drink due to health issues. * Competitive with internal products of Nestle such as Nesquick. * Milo itself isn’t globally recognized. It is only known to small number of countries worldwide, and this could affect the products recognition to international consumers and tourists in the country. * The confectionery market has been criticised for unhealthy products with high levels of sugar...

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12 - Appendices
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