Legalizing Marijuana

Topics: Cannabis, Chemotherapy, Medical cannabis Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: March 20, 2009
Argumentative Essay
Should Marijuana be legalized?
When people hear this question, they think it is a horrible and dangerous drug. I believe that if marijuana is legalized, it would help the economy is many ways, decrease crime rate and help medical patients that need it. If marijuana is legalized, it will help the economy and be very costly but the awards would be way greater. Marijuana will help aid the economy crisis. If marijuana is legalized, each state with a proper taxation and regulation would save $7.7 billion per year in state and federal expenditures on prohibition enforcement. If marijuana was taxed the same way as tobacco and alcohol, it could generate as much as 6.2 billion annually per state, thus helping out our economy crisis. I’m not saying it could help save our economy from going under, but it could be a good factor to economy. Legalizing marijuana will decrease crime rate tremendously. In 2000, 646,042 Americans were arrested for have possession of marijuana and 88,456 Americans were arrested for selling and distributing marijuana. . If marijuana was legalized, it would save the government on prison expenses and have room for overly crowded prisons. California alone can save 1 billion a year by not housing marijuana related drug offenders. In addition, legalizing marijuana would save the states hundreds of millions of dollars wasted on enforcing stupid drug laws and in trials, transport and housing of drug offenders. Medical marijuana has many benefits to medically ill patients. Scientists have found that marijuana has many medicinal benefits such as: antiemetic for cancer chemotherapy, increasing appetite for AID infected patients and the control of muscle spasms of patients with multiple sclerosis. In 1988, scientist involved 56 patients with cancer chemotherapy, who had no improvement in stand antiemetic. When treated with marijuana 78 percent demonstrated a positive response. No negative side effects were seen. The cancer research is...
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