Lee Jeans

Topics: Jeans, Strategic management, Clothing brands Pages: 3 (365 words) Published: November 10, 2012
Parent Company

VF Corporation


Apparel and accessories


Lifestyle and Retail

Tagline/ Slogan

A Lee is you; A Lee Dont Lie; Own the moment


A company which has rich heritage, Innovative designs and socially responsible organization.



Men and Women who want to wear stylish and innovative jeans at an affordable price.

Target Group

Young urban men and women from the upper middle class


A stylish brand with a sporty look with an American imaginery to the brand.

SWOT Analysis


1. The brand has over 100 stores all over the world and employs over 500 people in the USA. 2. The brand has been known as one of the top jeans producers all over the world. 3. The brand is known for its innovation through out the century and known for inventing the zipper fly jeans. 4. Lee was one of the first jeans brand to start advertising through television and has continued extensive advertising throughout.

5. The brand spends huge money on advertising campaign and brand awareness.

6. The brand is very socially responsible launching the “World Denim Day” where the brand invites companies and workers to wear Lee denim in return for a contribution for 5 dollars and contributes that money for the breast cancer fund.

7. The Lee Jeans today is manufactured by Arvind Mills limited, where the brand gains a lot of cost advantage with its competition as the raw materials are cheap in India.


1.The brand has not established itself in the e-commerce arena that well in Asia where the brand has a significant market share. 2.The brand has had problems in distribution of the updated stocks in parts of Asia and Europe.


1.The brand can focus and expand its production into shirts, T-shirts on a larger scale.

2. Tie-ups with fashion houses to boost presence


1.Existing competition from Brands like Levis, Espirit...
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