Learnings from Sun Tzu Strategy (Art of War)

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1. Go strategy
* The example that I have selected for the Go strategy is that of Wipro Technologies. Instead of focusing and diminishing competition, Wipro launched into a new vertical. Thus, it expanded its horizons and followed the goal strategy. * WIPRO is one of the largest IT services companies in India. Established in 1980 as subsidiary of WIPRO limited listed on New York Stock Exchange. WIPRO was initially set up in 1945 with main product of producing sunflower Vanaspati Oil and different soaps. * At that time Company was called Western India Vegetable Products limited with representative offices in Maharashtra and Madhya Pardhesh states of India. * During 1970s and 1980s it shifted its focus and begin to look into business opportunities in IT and computing industry which was at nascent stages in India at that time. * WIPRO was the first company which marketed the first indigenous homemade PC from India in 1975. * In 1966 Azim Premji, still the majority shareholder in WIPRO, took over as the chairman of the company at the age of 21 and with the passage of time transformed it into one of the finest and largest IT outsourcing services provider of the world. * It is now considered the world's largest independent R&D service provider. * It offers different technology driven services all over the globe with 46 development centers, but at the same time, Wipro still is into the traditional FMCG business it started with. Some of the known non-IT products by Wipro are Wipro CFL lights, Wipro Shikakai hair soap, Santoor soap, etc. established a profitable presence in the branded retail market. With a vast plethora of products spanning soaps, baby care products, health and wellness, * Wipro Tech is an information technology service company established in India in 1980. It is the global IT services arm of Wipro Limited (in operation since 1945, incorporated 1946. Including its business process outsourcing...
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