It 460 - Unit 2 Project

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Running head: UNIT 2 PROJECT

Session 1 Part 4
IT Consultant Firms
1. Gatesix Inc.
Gatesix Inc. is based in Phoenix, Arizona. They handle everything from web development, productivity solutions, and marketing applications. They are considered am all inclusive company that handles all your IT needs. They consider themselves no nonsense and will work within a budget. They have a broad range of services which include but are not limited to: • Web Development – Custom development of web-based software, content management, custom applications, e-commerce. • Interactive Marketing – SEO strategy analysis, search engine marketing, paid search marketing, and ongoing SEO support. • Software Development – Business applications, business process automation, web-based applications, client extranets, employee intranet, and E-commerce applications. • Interactive Design – Website design, flash and multimedia design, and graphic design. • Network Support – network analysis and design, office cabling and networking, remote monitoring and support, desktop support, server setup and management both Microsoft and Linux platforms, VPN setup both Microsoft and Cisco, managed support, onsite and offsite backups, after-hours help with moves, server migrations and upgrades. • Staff Supplementation – System architects, project managers and technical leads, internet marketing consultants, graphic and web designers, software engineers, and both onsite and offsite resources. 2. IBM Services

The next company I found is IBM. Obviously they are a well known company who has offices and service throughout the world. They are definitely competition whom can offer all IT services and are well recognized. IBM can offer everything from communication services to training. • Business continuity and resilience - Disaster recovery service, information protection, managed resilience, and resilience consulting. • End user services - Client virtualization (workplace optimization consulting), device deployment and management (platform integration and development, software platform management), and help desk services. • Integrated communication - designing, implementing and managing communications and networking environments to optimize. Integrated business communications. • IT strategy and architecture – Analyze and develop a plan to provide a business-driven infrastructure, identify cost reduction opportunities and improve quality. • Maintenance and technical support – Hardware and application maintenance (24/7). • Middleware – Service-oriented architecture (SOA) integration, IT lifecycle management, information on demand infrastructure, and infrastructure optimization. • Security and privacy – Threat mitigation solutions, data security, and integrated security program. • Server services – Server optimizer, integration, management, and server products. • Site and facility support – data and facility strategy, IT assessment, design, and construction. They also help with IT consolidation and relocation. • Storage and data – Storage optimization and integration, lifecycle management, data mobility, storage and data products, and storage and data management. • Training – They offer a wide variety of training from software to administration and applications. 3. MIT Consulting

MIT Consulting is located in Toronto, Ontario. They have long standing relations with many manufacturers which helps they provide up to date consulting and services. MIT Consulting is a well rounded company that can offer consultant services for all aspects of business and IT needs. They have a wide range of backgrounds that make up their team. • Business consulting – Consulting for planning, training, financing, market research, and promotion/advertising. • Hardware and Software...

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