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Sun Tzu is a well-known author of the Art of War book. He was born in Qi State, China during the 5th century BC in the warring states period. The warring states period was a period of constant war among seven states in China such as Qi, Qin, Chu, Han, Wei, Yan, and Zhao. Sun Tzu was a military strategist and general who led Wu state to success. After that, he became a heroic general of king of Wu, Ho Lu. His victories then inspired him to write the Art of War, it attracted many ancient Chinese philosophy and scholars. Sun Tzu art of war essentially opened the secrets of timeless strategies which is applicable to any era of warfare and any aspects of life. The book was later on not only popular among military theorists but also become increasingly popular among political leaders. The Art of War Book was tactically addresses the strategies in a wide perspective, touching upon public business, management, administration and planning. It reveals many insights into the nature of competition and human nature. Sun Tzu’s theories of battle also talk about diplomacy and cultivating relations with other nations to maintain the stability of state. In summary, there are several major themes throughout the book such as the importance of accurate information, importance of wisdom and knowledge, knowing the past and predict the future, flexibility, ethical conduct, timing and patience, preservation and reward. It emphasized the dimension to victory including the analysis of strength and weaknesses, thyself and enemies, and the guerilla warfare which was a fundamental success model in Vietnam War. The book was originally written in Chinese letters, there are 13 chapters covering the strategic description, and containing many impressive quotes. Recently, this book was translated from Chinese to different languages such as English, France, Russia, Japan, and other languages. This essay will explain the Sun Tzu art of war major themes, 13 chapters of strategies, examine its advantages and its doctrines model to modern time, and lastly will form a conclusion about it. The precise description of Sun Tzu-Art of War is as the following.

Sun Tzu on the Art of War is focusing on 5 basic elements which are all different from one another namely Dao (Path), Tian (Heaven), Di (Earth), Jiang (Leader) and Fa (Law) (N/A. 2014). Dao or Path simply means purpose of the group and the mutual philosophy meaning in the art of war. It is all about the team spirit and the shared value. Next, Tian or heaven means environmental factors in the Art of War such as season, times, light or darkness. Beside Path and Heaven, Di or Earth is also one of a very important role in Sun Tzu strategy. One of the most important roles is the leadership that also known as Jiang or Leader in Sun Tzu. According to Steven Fox, Leader has to be intelligence, they must understand the needs and challenges of their colleagues and they also have to be courage in the face of challenge. Last but not least, the Fa or Law. Law here means the art or the art of war. This is the skill and ability to implement the strategy. It is also very important to be well prepared. Unlike the other Chinese general, Sun Tzu which was the best amongst all, had an amazing charismatic personality and was a skilled leader who led and managed the troops successfully. The teaching of leadership and management styles of this Chinese general were focused on areas such as winning whole, leading to advantage, deception, strengths and weaknesses, and initiative. Basically, winning whole refers to earning success in both resources and strategies in a battle because having well and enough resources or strategies help maintain the victory. He advised people to use what they’ve got and be smart to have a better. Leading to advantage was a great teaching of Sun Tzu which emphasized on how to prepare and position soldiers in order to win in a battle. Amongst others greatest teaching of Sun Tzu,...
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