Learning Styles

Topics: Educational psychology, Summative assessment, Education Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: July 28, 2013
Learning Styles
Barbara Henry

Grade: 1st
Topic: Healthy food choices/food pyramid
Goal of the lesson: The goal for this lesson is that students will learn how to pick healthy foods and why it is important to eat healthy. Assessments:
Formative- Squaring off
Formative- Draw it!
Formative- Pin the food on the pyramid
Summative- Written test

Squaring off is a formative assessment that can be great for students of several learning styles. To complete this exercise I will place a card in each corner of the room that will have the choices of fruit, vegetable, grain, milk, and a card in the middle of the room for meat and beans. As I list out names of foods the students will go to the part of the room that best matches what the food is. An example of this is if I said an apple they would go to the fruit section and so on. This will establish what knowledge the students already have and what we need to work on further. This will work well for students that are visual learners and kinesthetic learners. By allowing the students to move around the classroom this will allow them to interact and use their bodies to make a decision on what classification the particular food is. This movement will help them to remember where they were standing and associate that with the food classification. The visual learner will be able to use these same principles to recall information as well.

The next assessment is called draw it. This assessment requires the students to be paired up and create their own food pyramid. They must include pictures of food that belong in each section of the pyramid as well as list the recommended servings they should have per day. This activity will be well for students that learn through interpersonal studies. Working in pairs is very helpful for some students because they can learn other perspectives and bounce ideas off of each other. Naturalist will also benefit from this assessment since they will be classifying foods...
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