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Topics: Education, Arrangement, Student Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: September 24, 2013
T1 supplement – L.O – 2.2, 2.3
As I have worked in my institution I have realised the different avenues for support to ensure learners get the help their required. Not only learning barriers can be overcome by referring others but there are also access, and funding barriers which students can access. Students may need to be referred to different people for barriers to be overcome. They should be able to approach their tutor who should be able to offer support and find the appropriate individual to offer support and guidance. As a tutor I would have to find the appropriate course leader or teacher if there was an issue that needed resolving. This contact would be needed so not only myself but the teacher can be aware of an issue and offer the correct support. As teachers we need to be able to assess the level of support needed so the student can fulfil their potential. By liaising with others we can decide the best course of action and relieve the student of any pressure they may be feeling when learning. Another barrier is travel. Students at the college’s football academy can struggle to get to the academy’s training base as it is in a rural area. At the start of the course travel arrangements are agreed with the director of sport and programme manager. This is arranged so students are comfortable and able to get to games or training either by parents or mini bus facilities. If circumstances are to change for example a parent unable to take them for a week, the students can talk to the programme manager or tutor responsible for looking after their team to make travel arrangements. Normally mini bus arrangements are already prepared for such circumstances. Lastly finance situations in the college are to be sorted by the student services department. This is where they can help with transport payments, lunch or kit payments and various other finance situations. We can normally arrange for students to set up a meeting with a member of the finance team who can...
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