Leading Change at Ppf Corporation Rev.2 June22

Topics: Management, Change, Employment Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: July 26, 2010

T.N: Even Bigger Change. A framework for getting started at changing the world (HBS 0-305-009)

1)What are the key challenges facing Stephen Oswald and his leadership team as he assumes the presidency of PPF Corporation? Stephen Oswald assumed accountability for the success of the PPF Corporation in tough economic conditions, following the 9/11 events, coupled with increasing competition in the North American market. Fortunately, the independent distribution strategy proved to be successful and the PPF operations in China had been growing significantly. In terms of people issues, there were indications that management communications could be improved, the company was left without a CEO for nearly a year and a half, the changes in terms and conditions of employment did not bring the intended results, and there was a severe possibility of a union appearing. Many of the above-mentioned issues are trackable in the outcomes of the employee-satisfaction survey for that year. We would like to highlight the key issues and attempt to provide possible explanations: PPF Employee-Satisfaction Report Item| Comments|

Ethics: highest favorable and highest unfavorable score| This is an indication of staff fragmentation. Due to the fact that PPF is a unique company with a long history, many employees are loyal to it and trust the management. At the same time, the recent changes are likely to have affected many employees negatively (e.g. change in work hours, skill-based pay plan, etc.), hence a perception that personal matters have not been handled in an ethical way.| Management Communications| There is strong evidence confirmed by the case facts that senior leaders are not well-equipped to manage communication flows within the company effectively. Lowest favorable, 2nd highest unfavorable: poor communication is often the fastest way to employee disengagement and...
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