Case Study Analysis

Topics: Employment, Lag, Time Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: October 12, 2008
For most of us, a new job or career is very taxing. The transition a new employee makes and the new employee training received is crucial. A new career needn’t be traumatic. If you know your job responsibilities, make a plan and then do your appropriate daily follow-up, your transition into a new workplace will be that much less demanding. Lack of communication at any workplace makes for catastrophe. When lagging communication between departments and employees lags, the state of business suffer. The key to effective communication is being timely and relevant. Too much information could be disregarded when given the opportunity. Not enough information could be seen as room for scrutiny. Take for example the Case Study for Student Analysis. In this selected paper, one notices an immediate lack of timely communication going on between Carl Robbins, the new campus recruiter and Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor. Assumption is being made by Monica Carrolls that Carl Robbins knows what he is doing, and the protocol that follows a new hire orientation is being followed. The lag time from new hire interview to actual orientation is visible. New employees were hired in early April and not until the middle of May did Monica consult her new recruiter on the current status of the employees. This is over a month that critical follow-up was needed with the new campus recruiter. Perhaps if there was a set schedule in place that Carl was given as to a timetable, important records and documentation that needed to be completed would not have been overlooked. These documents are mandatory for an orientation to take place. Procrastination or a lack of clearly defined priorities may have been factors in why Carl waited until after Memorial Day to pull files and take a look at the new hires current status. This allowed only one week for odds and ends to be completed before the actual orientation was to take place on June 15th of that month. The inconsistency...
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