Leading and Controlling in a Company

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LJS Business Report
Leading and Controlling


From our past BUSORGA discussions, we’ve learned that there are four management functions – planning, organizing, leading and controlling- in which every company follows. Although for the purpose of this study, we would like to focus on only two of these management functions namely: leading and controlling. The subject of our study will be on LJS Company, headed by Mr. James Tan Sy, who will be our guide through the process of obtaining leading and controlling information of the company.

More about Mr. James Tan Sy: He is 49 year old male, graduate of San Beda College (Mendiola) and is the current general manager of the LJS company.

Throughout this report, you will find out more of LJS Company and its leading and controlling functions within the company.


The LJS Group of Companies started in 1987 with the name JAJS Company. The JAJS Company was a single proprietorship company established by the two brothers, Jonathan and James Sy. The JAJS Company ventured in the importation of general merchandise originating from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. They import items such as kitchenware, hair accessories, artificial flowers and ready to wear apparel. Back then; importation was rather a difficult since one would have to go under foreign currency sources and tight custom processes. The company found strength in providing such services to a ready wholesale market that would buy their item locally rather than go through the import process themselves.

The department store was penetrated through the distribution of imported artificial flowers. The demand for American and European flower design was brought about by housing development boom during that period. The Sunnex Brand for kitchenware and Goody brand for hair accessories were imported to the Philippines. Exclusive distributorship for these brands was awarded in 1992, along with Cannon/Avent Baby Products.

The decision to diversify the company by product category was a result of the Incorporators’ foresight that the department store’s operational practices would shift from outright purchased items to a concessionaire type business orientation in 1994. As a result of that insight, Metro Kitchenware, Inc., Goody Products Philippines, Inc. and Cannon Baby Safe Products, Inc. were created. JAJS Marketing Group from then on served as the main importer for all consumer products serving the 3 subsidiaries. From the meager beginnings with only 4 staffs in 1986, the LJS Company is now operating with 90 office and logistics personnel and more than 600 promo personnel catering to the needs of over 400 outlets nationwide.


Leading - to inspire effort
How to Achieve:
· Communicate the vision
· Build Enthusiasm
· Motivate commitment, hard work
For the LJS Group of Companies, a leader is very vital to a company. “Without a leader, a company is not a company. Without a leader, who will lead the company who will lead the people? it’s like a team without a coach. Who will teach the players if there’s no coach? “ -James Sy

Communicate the vision:
To be the Best Philippine Distributor of high quality global brands that ensures value for money products in the Philippine Market.

In order to achieve their vision, James Sy said that as the President of the LJS Group of Companies, I have to set an example for my employees. Being honest, hardworking, persevering, having the right attitude and trusting to God kept the company running for almost 2 decades. James Sy believes that everybody working in the company in very important regardless of the position. He said:” It’s like a hand with five fingers. So if you remove one finger, it’s already incomplete/handicapped. Each branch of the company is...
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