Management and Leadership

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Management and Leadership
Management and leadership are two separate skills needed to control the function and direction of task. Separating the definition of leadership and management is a difficult task.
Management is defined as Planning, Organizing and Controlling (POC) all resources required to achieve goals of the organizational strategic business plans established by senior management in an efficient and effective manner. (Saterlee, 2009)

Leadership is a management function that associates itself with change and the ability to influence those that are being supervised. (Saterlee, 2009) Important Learned Concepts
Understanding the application(s) is a requirement to manage the organization, in pursuit of achieving a strategic plan’s minimum requirement, involves recognition of the resources needed to complete the plan. Those resources required include all things that are foundational in cost accounting including material, labor and overhead. The correlation of foundational items with the requisite skills of those assigned to complete tasks are management requirements. (Saterlee, 2009) According to Dalakoura (2010), “The concepts of leader and leadership development are to a large extent used interchangeably with no evident distinction made between them in literature” (p, 432).

Planning involves all levels of internal stakeholders to complete the stated mission. Supervisors plan work schedules based on the plan given to middle management who has devised a tactical plan to meet their part of the assigned strategic plan. Upper management has formulated plans to meet the internal or external requirements that are planned for by the Board of Directors. (Saterlee, 2009)

Transactional leaders, according to Burns is a “…transactional process where leaders and followers engage in a mutual process of 'raising one another to higher levels of morality and motivation.” (2009) According to Satterles (2009), “Strategic managers,...

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