leadership vs management

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1 Can managers be trained to become leaders? Discuss with reference to theories of leadership. 2 Comments: no description or definition, do not focus on the analysis of theories and concepts, be critical and give your own perspective, put the situation at the beginning (hit the reader), 3 Use your experience: you managers + and – and use your findings and deviate them to your own ( what you would do if you were the manager just like them and what are the aspects that demotivated you that you would change to be a great leader. Use them to define traits you would use if you were a leader 4 Using I is fine

5 Focus on your own experience and use academic theories to assist that and strengthen your arguments and perspective. “According to … this concept relates to my experience. Don’t go far with it just state the resemblance.

The distinction between a 'leader' and a 'manager', both of whom may possess many of these traits, is whether people will follow the leader even if he or she is without the power of formal position. Managers may have title and authority over work to be performed by employees, but this authority and responsibility does not mean that a manager can inspire and motivate people to perform. Workers do what the manager says because they have to. People follow the instructions of leaders because they want to. Of course, every manager should also aspire to be a leader and many managers are. http://www.sportsmanagementresources.com/library/leadership-learned-or-genetic

Some argue it is developed across adulthood
Most agree it is developed from early childhood
Developed through:
Nature (genetics, gender, personality)
Nurture (parental and teaching experience)
Early learning experiences (education, sport, role-playing) (Murphy & Johnson, 2011) Slides: management development

Notes from readings:

This is not to say that everyone can be a leader. I believe there are certain personality traits, skillsets and motivations that need to be present for effective leadership to take place. However, I believe leadership is a means to generating impact and I believe there are numerous individuals out there who do this on a daily basis who we would never consider as being leaders in the traditional sense of the word. http://www.ivey.uwo.ca/leadership/for-leaders/leadership-blogs/2012/11/a-reflection-on-leadership-based-on-my-experience-with-the-leader-project/

Early on in my career, I had an excellent mentor, Owen McAleer, a senior executive at Bell.  He took an interest in me and my career.  We often had long discussions about leadership, what I hoped to achieve and how I could enhance my competencies.  He taught me the value of critical self reflection.  He also underscored the importance of talking things out with others. http://iveybusinessjournal.com/departments/from-the-dean/my-path-to-leadership#.VNNjoqNFCUk

leadership theories and models: http://www.businessballs.com/leadership-theories.htm

managers to leaders: http://www.qa.com/training-courses/leadership-and-management/leadership-and-management/manager-to-leader/

leadership: http://www.businessballs.com/leadership.htm

experience: http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/humrs/staffinfo/leadership/participantexperiences/

theories: (doc)

The research emerging can be categorised according to four different leadership theories or approaches: transactional, transformational and laissez-faire leadership behaviours; negative leadership behaviours; supportive behaviours; and task and relationship focused behaviours. There is also a group of studies using other leadership and management indices.

History of leadership theories: (ppt)
Trait Approach
Behaviour Approach
Situational Approach
New Paradigm/Transformational Approach

I believe that being a leader suggests having certain personal attributes and skills that need to take place in order to be an actual leader with impact....
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