Leadership Styles of Ceos

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Change is a basic part of life. Leaders, whether it be the CEO of the company or you, must anticipate forces that will cause changes, identify opportunities that will require changes, react to unforeseen events that make changes imperative, and work with others to overcome the predictable reactions to change, which almost always include some amount of resistance, often to a significant degree.

As a leader, you sometimes need to be conservator of values and institutions that come under attack. Knowing when to change and when to preserve is vital leadership ability.

Leading change is a significant part of the policy process. It is not enough to identify policy issues, develop potential solutions, and allocate the necessary resources. In order to implement policy in organizations, communities and society as a whole, leaders must learn how to initiate and plan for change, how to communicate the need for change, how to make a change appealing to gain support from others, and to consolidate the results so that the changes endure and have intended impact.

Leaders sometimes have to change themselves as they move along a path of professional growth and development. Understanding how to change oneself and to assist others to change and develop in response to new challenges are also important leadership skills.

Guardian Protection Services was founded in 1950, and is the world's largest privately held security company. Guardian sells, installs and monitors residential and commercial security systems. Protection of the lives and property is our business. We've been doing it- and doing it well for over 50 years. There CEO, Russell Cersosimo, has his own interesting story as to how he became the owner/president and at one-time became the Western Pennsylvania Entrepreneur of the Year. Mr. Cersosimo, used to work for their parent company Armstrong and he was an overachiever, and wanted to excel in all lines of the business. Mr....
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