Leadership styles

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Leadership Styles
Hello every1, I’m ahsan ali chandio from BBA-4. The topic that me and raza rehman has chosen is about leadership styles but before going to the topic I want to tell you what actually leaders are. Leaders are responsible for directing plans, activities, motivating people and implementing plans so that the group completes its task or fulfills its goals. Its mean whenever we talk about leadership styles, it is all about manner and approaches of directing people, motivating and implementing plans. According to John Gardner, in On Leadership, “Leadership is the process by which an individual (or leadership team) induces a group to achieve particular task" If we accept that definition, then leadership style is the way in which that process is carried out. These style help leaders that how they relate to others within and outside organization. Leadership has function to meet the instrumental and expressive needs of group members. Instrumental leadership is task-oriented leadership in which leaders guide or motivate people to complete task and mostly useful when these isn’t any emotional issue. Along with it, expressive leadership provides emotional support for member to face and solve emotional issues. If a leader is suspicious and jealous of his power, others in the organization are likely to behave similarly. If a leader is collaborative and open, he/she is likely to encourage the same attitudes among staff members. Organizations have different leadership styles based on the purpose of the group. These are the following leadership styles that mostly found in organizations: Autocratic Style:

In autocratic style, leaders make decisions with little or no involvement of employees. These leaders are supremely confident and comfortable with the decision-making responsibility for company operating and strategic plans. This type of style has just one direction communication from leaders to followers. Democratic Style:

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