leadership skills unit 19

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Clearly leadership skills are required and are important because the leader is the one who has the most responsibility, he is the one who gives the tasks out to his fellow team members and should help them if they struggle in a task. A person who has a good leadership is the one who can get tasks done in different ways, he is one who can change rules in order to do better, and another sign of a good leadership can also get his fellow team members to complete their objectives in new and innovative ways, and another sign of good leadership is that the leader can inspire and motivate others to work hard and do new things in different. Leadership styles

A leadership style is the way which a person who is appointed as a leader leads his members is certain ways, the style includes the way how other people see what kind of leader they are and whether they respect them or not, there are four types leadership styles and they are: Autocratic

An Autocratic leader is the one gives tasks and instructions but he expects other people to carry it out, when a leader uses this style, his workers need to clearly understand the instructions and what to do when the leader tells them, but the problem of this style can be that people might not like to ordered to do every task because they would likely to believe that the leader should help in different ways rather than just telling them what to do and leaving all the work to his members. The concept of autocracy is demonstrated even by country because there are several countries who rule as an autocratic monarchy aka an absolute monarchy, these countries include the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Swaziland, Oman and also the Vatican even though the pope is traditionally elected by his cardinals. A Democratic leader is one who listens to the ideas, the plans and the views of his fellow team members and also helps his members; a democratic leader will not make any decisions until all his team members have expressed their opinions, all members including the leader will continue to make negotiations until all members of the team have come to an agreement which everyone will be satisfied with, there are also several countries whom the government rules by using the concept of democracy, an example of democracy in a government is that people are allowed to vote and express their opinions. There are also current nations, who rule as a democratic government such as the USA, Norway, Iceland, Canada, Czech Republic and a few other countries. Participative leaders are those who encourage those people who they are working with and help their team members in tasks and also decision making. They will accept responsibility for tasks and encourage team members to come up with plans and ideas based on certain tasks and then the leader will give a view and an input into the decisions which his or her team members have made. Laissez-faire leaders are people who often leave all the decision making to his fellow team members and also leave the responsibility to his team members, a laissez-faire leader can encourage and motivate other people to make decisions and come up with new ideas for themselves, but there is a problem to this team members might not be happy with this concept of leadership because it is possible that they could consider their leader to be lazy and hardly do anything, an example can be that leaders who reigned as kings would not do anything and this would lead to the fall of that monarch many centuries ago. The impact of different leadership styles

The way how leader uses a certain style will have an effect on the team and on the people, when it comes to impact, there are three points to think about and they are: The leadership style of the manager which is preferred by this team members, The style of leadership which the team members are used to,

And the situation which the team is working in.
Many people have the opinion that an autocratic...
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