Leadership Styles

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Personality psychology, Psychometrics Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Sir Francis Galton was one of the pioneers who have put in efforts and great times in experimenting human nature and how would individual personalities and traits. He also started to take an academic approach to measure traits. Galton measured the weights of livestock and aristocrats, the speeds of reaction times, the sizes of heads, the shapes of fingerprints, and many other characteristics. (Nettle, David 2007). Galton has also contributed significantly in the personality theory by taking scientific methods, such as personality would be measured through natural language. English as an example and main source of providing about 1000 words describing personality along with the synonyms and anonyms giving us different sets of meanings understanding personalities. Another critical element Sir Francis has suggested to measure is the emotional reactivity. His view was that people undergoing couple of emotional traits would generate an index of character. The magnitude of their response would tell us about the arousability of their emotions in general. (Nettle, David 2007). As a further step, Galton has also experimented that people having different emotional arousability would result variations in heart rate and other physiological patterns. It was relatively difficult to measure or benchmark this outcome. Yet, it led to the known neurological studies. Talking about the big 5 test,

Personally this was a great test to know how I would understand different trait questions and to know the outcome which could be different than expected! I have asked one of my colleagues to take the test; thankfully she did it immediately over the weekend and her reaction was (Hahahaha….. kind a long and some questions were vague). Although in office environment we share common views most of the time. Yet, this test has revealed different results. In comparison,

Openness to Experience/Intellect: we both tend to have similar results that I typically don't seek out new experiences and...

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