Dimensions of Personality: The Biosocial Approach to Personality

Topics: Natural environment, Biology, Ecology Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: March 15, 2015
Reading 14: Dimensions of Personality: The Biosocial Approach to Personality – Hans. J Eysenck
1. If we look at both the biology and environment of an individual when assessing their personality you could gain insight to possible causes, triggers and reach a deeper evaluation of the person. For example, a person may be a pessimist and have anger problems because he/she got it from their parents or because they were brought up in a rough household where he/she was exposed to violence constantly. Maybe even both. Looking at both biology and the environment is important and could be the key to understanding a person’s personality.

2. I do believe that a person’s personality can be biologically designed by altering biochemical and/or biological functions. Especially considering the technology that is rapidly consuming our world. Yet, there are serious consequences in doing this and creating an “artificial personality.” Essentially you are taking away the personality of the person and inputting the one you’d like. Stripping them of their personality and dehumanizing the individual is obviously not acceptable.

3. Biological measures such as heart rate, blood, pupil dilation and physique are pretty useful when it comes to assessing personality. When your heart beat increases or decreases it could mean a number of things such as nerves or being scared. Pupil dilation can also be caused by emotions such as sad or love. Yet it is obvious that these are not concrete measurements of personality and in order to assess a person’s personality correctly one must have experiments and tests.

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