Leadership Speech

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• The National Executive Secretary for Education and Religious Education- Madam Augusta

• The National Curriculum Developer- Mr. Ruto.

• The National Programmes Officer- Mrs. Abuya

• All the religious present.

• Principals, Deputies, Teachers and all other youth educators present.

• All protocol observed.

I am happy to be invited to this C.A.P.A.P workshop and I wish to commend each one of you for having being identified as a person who can go through this important programme. After the completion of the course, you will be expected to be a better counsellor for the young people in the secondary schools and Parishes as well.

I was requested to share with you some ideas concerning LEADERSHIP in general with particular reference to school leadership. I will also address those people who are not working in schools but they are doing a lot of good work with youth movements in parishes.

I wish to invite all of you to think about the school you have come from and how you have contributed to its success or failure in all areas including national examinations.


• There are many ways of defining leadership but for our purposes, I wish to define leadership as the process of influencing the MOVEMENTS of an organized group in its efforts towards GOAL setting and GOAL achievements.

• It is also an interactional process where an organization defines for each member the roles they are expected to play in the decision making process, the carrying out of duties and responsibilities and seeking positive co-operation from all the members of the organization who should perform their duties willingly, with zeal and confidence as well.

• All the members in the organization must be clear about the VISION, MISSION and MOTTO of the organization, e.g. The Principal should be clear about where he or she wants the school to go in terms of Academic Performance which cannot be achieved without effective leadership that is able to guide and direct everybody towards the achievement of the set goals.

• Methods of achieving the set goals must also be clear to all members of the organization.

• The effectiveness of a good group leader can only be identified through the successful results from the group he/she is leading e.g. an effective Principal can only be identified through the overall academic results and other school activities.

• An effective classroom Teacher can be identified through good results in his/her subject or success in co-curricular activities that teachers supervise.

• A successful youth leader in a Parish can be identified through successful youth projects at Parish level ( Agriculture, Drama, Choir etc)

• The act of positive leadership motivates other people but bad leadership can also demotivate people who do not finally produce the expected positive results.

• In short a leader must understand his/her role positively to be able to guide and direct others towards achieving successfully the set goals and objectives of the organization.

• A good leader must overcome personal ego and be accessible to all members of the organization to remove the boss tag that is usually associated with leaders e.g. some principals can only be seen through appointments while others can only be seen through appointments while others cannot be disturbed by matrons or school nurses even for emergency purposes.

• All of us in this room are therefore leaders in one way or the other e.g. Parents are in their families, teachers are leaders of students they teach while prefects are leaders of other students. The Parish Priest is a leader of all Christians in his Parish.


• A good leader can be described as the one who can do the...
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