Leadership Is Doing the Right Things; Management Is Doing Things Right

Topics: Audience, Want, Need Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: October 12, 2010
As a leader you can’t impose motivation, but you
can create an environment where people want to
maximize their successes. One way of doing this is
framing the future for them though a vision
statement. However, without a leader
communicating the message in a relevant and
meaningful way, a vision statement is worth less
than the paper it’s written on.
When communicating your vision, start by describing
the present situation. This is where you are now.
Acknowledge efforts, actions and contributions by
individuals and teams.
Be prepared when describing the current situation to
pre-empt negative reactions from the team. For
example, if you know there is anger over a new travel
policy, acknowledge it. In order to take the audience
on a journey – you need to prove that you are well
aware of where the business is today, both the good
and the bad.
Next, describe a desirable future position. This is
where you want the company or group to be, or what
you want to achieve. Make sure you include a time
frame – 6 months, 2 years, 10 years or beyond.
Also, include both rational and emotional elements to
describe the future. The rational could be the size of
the organisation, sales targets, or the numbers of
countries in which you operate. The emotional
elements inspire people’s feelings, pride, and sense of
accomplishment. They also can appeal to teamwork,
values, or other altruistic intentions. A good vision
message will touch both the hearts and minds of your
The last part of your message should detail the
method of achieving the vision. This is the ‘how we
are going to get there’ part. Talk about the broad
strategies that will move the business from the existing
position to the aspiration.
Some audiences need more detail - particularly those
key teams or individuals who will be accountable for
the execution of strategies. Explain the core actions,
critical success factors, achievement points and dates.
This is where you need...
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