Leadership: Conflict Resolution and Essex Police

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Define the conflict resolution model and explain your strategies for minimising conflict in you role including your obligations to keep records

BACAL R, states ‘….we can live with some conflict, what we can’t live with is conflict that is trivial, destructive, personal and a waste of time.’ To effectively deal with conflict within the workplace, managers should use proven conflict resolutions models, for example, CUDSA – Confront, Understand, Define, Search and Agree. By utilising this model managers should seek to identify and resolve the conflict in a positive manner. The ultimate goal should be to seek a resolution based on mutual gain. 1.Confront the situation

2.Understand each party’s situation
3.Define the problem/s
4.Search for and evaluate solutions
5.Agree upon and implement the best solution
“We all experience conflict in our lives. There's always been a lot of interest in how to manage conflict once it appears in the open, and that's important. What's not so common is a concern for preventing unnecessary conflict, so it doesn't start in the first place.” ASHFORTH., B.E. CUDSA process allows managers to define a common, shared, or joint goal and develop a process to achieve it. It is a process in which both parties exchange information openly, defines their common problems, and creates options to solve these problems. And while the CUDSA process cannot guarantee that agreement will always be reached, more often than not, the analysis of parties’ interests, needs, and desires helps the resolution process and ultimate agreement. CUDSA provides 5 easy steps to follow:- Successful resolution requires that you follow all the steps of CUDSA and keep accurate records of all incidents and meetings. If a step is missed, you risk sending the other party mixed signals that will; propel that party toward a defensive, competitive mode. The last step of Agreeing, mutually benefits everyone, as they have all been involved in each stage of the process, thereby eliminating resentment. In order to minimise conflict within my team, I ensure that all team members have open and honest lines of communication, as a manager I have regular team meetings, actively promoting each team member to have an input into the discussion. It is imperative that all team members are aware of workload and share responsibility for deadlines, this will go towards minimising any work related conflict. MONTGOMERY., J. & COOK., E. I. states ‘The first step in addressing conflict is awareness, to often situations that breed conflict go unnoticed for long periods of time until issues are truly intractable’. Although I have an open door policy, I am aware that conflicts can still arise, therefore I have a simple strategy towards reducing conflict within the work place:- 1. RECOGNISE THAT CONFLICT IS INEVITABLE - AND NOT NECESSARILY DESTRUCTIVE Be aware that conflict is inevitable throughout your career. However a good manager, you should keep any conflict, within you team, in proportion. I take steps to get to know my team and how they work together. By being aware of any conflicts I can decide whether or not they need my intervention. 2. PREDICT AND PREPARE MINIMISING OR MANAGE THE CONFLICT

A good manager should be aware of any disputes or personality clashes within their team and take steps to minimise conflict that may occur. I use team building skills to help maximise teamwork. 3. ANALYSE AND PLAN FOR RESOLUTION WHERE POSSIBLE

By using CUDSA, any conflict within the team should be kept to a minimum. However, each case should be looked at on an individual basis, as no two people are the same. I find that by following the steps below helps to accurately assess situations:- •Reflect on the effects of the conflict - including how it feels for the rest of the team •Recognise the impact of the conflict: plan for recovery •Talk it through - collaboratively where possible,...
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