Expository Essay - Conflict

Topics: Emotion, Immigration detention, Detention Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Expository Essay - April Stafford
Every individual is bound to encounter some sort of conflict throughout their lifetime. Conflict can be engaged in both a positive or negative way. These disputes play a great role in being human and assists individuals in developing their responses and behaviour. Such battle becomes inevitable as some individuals have their own opinions to share or impose, some people all over the world are discriminated due to racial differences. People brought up in an environment surrounded by violence and sometimes certain people must encounter conflict to resolve the problem. Conflict becomes hard to avoid as every individual has their own opinion and they want their voices to be heard. For example in the text 'The Rugmaker of Mazar-E-Sharif' a detainee of a main camp in South Australia demonstrated emotional and physical conflict. This man had been an Afghan, although the Australians in charge of the main camp did not think so. "Australia, would it have been such a tragedy id you had accepted this man's story? Would your country have been more destroyed? Surely not." To be called a liar by the Australians, the man responded by sewing his lips together. He did not feel like his input changed anything, he did not feel like anyone believed what he had to say therefore he felt no reason to speak. In relation to this man who had sewn his lips together, Asylum seekers detained on Christmas Island had also sewn their lips in protest against the detention centres. Many of these detainees were offered medical assistance but refused the offer as they were hopeful that from sewing their lips would change the outcome of an unsuccessful visa. Ian Rintoul from the Refugee action Coalition states that "it is the uncertainty which creates despair inside detention centres and leads to this kind of response." Many voices speak their own words but some people never hear these words out. The uncertainty of responses is what leads to this conflict. Many...
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