Leadership Analysis

Topics: Leadership, Charismatic authority, Management Pages: 9 (3127 words) Published: September 16, 2011
Executive Summary
The main aim of this report is to analyze and identify the differences of the leadership styles fostered by two local business leaders and recommend on how both the leaders can improve their leadership skills further. Mr. Ashroff Omar is the current CEO of Brandix Lanka Ltd (Corporate Leader) who comes from a family owned business. On the other hand, Mr. Hemalalindra Ranawaka (Koluu) a master chef, drag artiste and an outrageous Colombo celebrity (Entertainment Business Leader). Focusing on the personality traits it was found that, Ashroff Omar has high self-confidence. He is a very emotionally stable person and a very high risk taker. However, emotional stability and self-confidence are conflicting traits in Mr. Ranawaka. Both the leaders are trustworthy, enthusiastic and passionate. Furthermore, Mr. Ranawaka was identified as having an external locus of control. In addition to that, it was identified that, honesty, warmth, outgoing personality, charisma, education, intelligence, immense knowledge about industry and the core business are some of the great strengths of Mr. Omar. However, he need to have a balance in the risk taking as it was identified as too high. On the other hand, reliability, honesty, Extroversion and warmth, intelligence are some of the great strengths of Mr. Ranawaka (Koluu) while reluctant to try out new things, risk taking, tolerance to frustration, emotional stability are some of the areas where he needs to focus to improve his leadership skills. To improve these skills, Koluu has to trust himself and try to build the confidence level. Furthermore, learning own and others emotions, looking at things positively and taking the failures as new experience are important steps that can be taken by Koluu to improve his leadership. Based on the study Ashroff Omar was identified as a charismatic and participative leader and Hemalalindra Ranawaka (Koluu) was identified as a Transactional leader.

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction3
2.0 Brief description of both leaders4
3.0 Traits and Characteristics5
4.0 Strengths and weaknesses7
5.0 Similarities and Differences9
6.0 Leadership styles10
7.0 Recommendations on How to improve leadership skills12
8.0 Conclusion13
9.0 Reference14

1.0 Introduction

“Are leaders born or made?” is a question of decades. Some of the current scholars and researchers agree that leaders are “both born and made”. According to W. Bock (November 6, 2006), leaders are little of both, leaders are sort of born and they are always made. Further, moving on with this argument W. Bock (November 6, 2006) in his article, highlighted that leadership can be learned by anyone with the basics, but an awful lot of leadership cannot be taught. In addition to that it was highlighted that, leaders learn about 80 percent of the craft on the job. Also it was highlighted that Leadership learning is a lifetime activity. The report will be focused on:

* Brief description of both leaders.
* Personality traits; General and Task related.
* Strengths and Weakness
* Similarities and differences of both leaders
* Leadership styles of both leaders.
* How to improve their leadership skills.
Note however, that only the important areas will be discussed. The information gathered by both the leaders was based on personal interviews with the leaders, their staffs, colleagues, internet and magazines. A full reference list is attached at the end of the report.

2.0 Brief description of both leaders

The Chief Executive Officer of Brandix Lanka Ltd, Mr. Ashroff Omar is a renowned and established figure in the local garment industry. He studied at Royal College and was a prefect and a rugby player. After the completion of his Advanced Level Examinations, he pursued his higher studies in CMA and entered the business world by taking over his family owned business, Lux Shirts and after much success; it was renamed as Brandix Lanka Limited....
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