Topics: Leadership, Management, Sociology Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: March 8, 2014
Infant Jesus Academy of Silang Inc.
Silang, Cavite

Project in Values Education
“Positive and Negative Leadership”

Submitted To: Audrey Michaela H. Calizo
Submitted By: Ms. Toni Rose Aralar
Grade 8E- St. Francis of Assisi
While looking for some material for a forthcoming leadership development programme I discovered an interesting article and results on top leadership traits. In 2006 in Minneapolis Police Department undertook some research looking at Leadership Traits in their officers. This data was analysed and rated by frequency of mention by other officers. The top 15 positive and negative mentioned are listed below. While not all of us work in a police force, I am sure that having looked through the list (top positives) many of us would include much of these in our list of preferred leadership traits too. I for one have been frustrated by leaders that exhibited some from the top negative traits – have you? Taking the time to ask our people what traits they like and dislike in their leaders can be a valuable first step in any leadership development program. Being a leader is a great responsibility which explains why so many will strive for a leadership role. Though such a pursuit is a noble one, there is something which has to be understood about leadership. Never ever let leadership take on a negative meaning. If you would like to be a genuine leader, strive for good results for you and your followers. But this isn’t a negative article about awful leaders. This article will teach you how to recognize positive and negative leadership characteristics so you can be an excellent leader. In order to understand the qualities of a great leader, you should avoid several common poor traits some individuals in leadership positions present. Those who tend to over-dramatize routine events tend to be terrible leaders. It is vital for individuals with these personality tendencies to focus on the good of other individuals and to get...
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