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What is Leadership

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Author Name: Muddassir Zakaria
Affiliation: Institute of Business Management (CBM)
Date: 23/11/2012
What is Leadership

The tools, patterns, behaviors and capabilities needed by a person for being successful while motivating and giving directions to others are exactly what we call leadership skills. (MTD Training)

Lifting of man’s thinking to higher scales, enhancing the standards of man’s performance and development of man’s personality beyond his actual limitations is what people call Leadership (Drucker)

The person under whose influence people attain goals is leader. As the number of followers rise so there is a rise in influence. Actual evident of leadership is the successful attainment of goals and objectives. (Bateman and Snell)

Research and theorizing of around fifty years has concluded only one thing that no proofs are available for the generalization of leadership. (Warren Bennis)

Leadership is one of the main functions of management and it is one of the most pivotal segments of direction. There is a possibility for a leader to not be a manager but there is no room for a manager to not be a leader. He must have leadership qualities. (Asim Siddique)

An abstract or behavioral process of influencing other people and delivering guidance to them is leadership. (Asim Siddique)

The key to successful business is good leadership but at the same time the good and effective leadership is the most precious resource of any business. (Drucker)

Poor leadership is the main cause which leads any business towards failure. (Gloves)

Leadership is the most important topic to be concerned for successful business. (Daft) Leadership is the collection of actions of person who has managerial authority and who has influencing power. (Robbins)

Leadership is nothing but a process of clouting a group to attain goals and objectives. (Daft)

Leadership is a combination of skills which majority do have but they are used by minority. It is the type of thing which can be learned by anyone, taught to anyone, denied to no one. (Mc Forland)

Leadership is an art to enhance others to act desirably without using any sort of coercion. (Afford and Beaty)

Leadership is a behavior that guides others or their actions in achieving organizational or collective goals. (Chester Barnard)

Leadership defines a job of manager to enable subordinates to work confidently. (Koontz and O’Donnel)

Leadership versus Management
A major difference between the leadership and management is the one which relates the leaders and managers to their origin of authority and the level of deference it breeds within partisans. Management power comes from the structural hierarchy of organization while power of leadership originates by personal resources which are not endued in the organization. Power of management elevates stability, order and solution to the problems in the structural boundaries. Leadership power elevates vision, creativity and change within the organizational structure. (Daft)

Differences between a Manager and a Leader
Managers do tasks accordingly. They are effective in achieving success. They are good only in peacetime. They plan and budget. They organize. They use available material resources. They use authority. They control and manage the people. While, leaders do the right tasks. They are efficient in choosing success way. They are good in crises as well. They set dimensions. They perform align function. They use humans as source. They use power. They inspire people. (Asim Siddique)

Leadership Qualities
In order to be effective and efficient a leader should have certain qualities. Those qualities are • Intellectuality
• Innovational ability
• Command on judgment
• Delusion and foreknowledge
• Passion and cognitive maturity...
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