Nursing Leadership

Topics: Nursing, Leadership, Nurse Pages: 5 (1646 words) Published: September 7, 2013
Nursing stabilizes its own unique body of knowledge and forms its own leadership organizational structure. One of the key aims of nursing leadership is to create empowerment amongst nurses.

From the transition of non-modern to contemporary nursing, the new context of nursing leadership and management has emerged. However, an important question rises on how significant, relevant and efficient leadership is on both patient and nursing staff outcomes. Nowadays, staff nurses face a wide variety of challenges in the healthcare arena, from understaffing to under motivation; experiences such as burn out phenomena, as well as staff nurses work dissatisfaction. In the context of leadership, this essay will discuss the importance, effectiveness and applicability of nursing leadership on patient and staff outcomes in the modern day clinical practice. Leadership raises a variety of ideas and images. These may consist of influence, power, charisma, goals, behavior, trait and personality (Curtis, et al., 2011). According to Patrick (2010), a group of researcher has tried to define, describe, assess and evaluate the idea of leadership. However, despite of these hard works the idea of leadership remains multifaceted. Over time, researches have investigated different facets of leadership as evidenced by many definitions. Leadership requires the use interpersonal skills in order to influence others in accomplishing a specific goal (Sullivan and Garland, 2010). Similarly, Armstrong (2007) defines it as the ability to influence, empower, facilitate and network a group of people. Furthermore, Weihrich and Koontz (2005) describe it as the art or process of influencing people in order for them to strive enthusiastically and willingly toward the attainment of goals. Therefore, a general theme seems to evolve from these definitions, whereas leadership involves people whose mind-set, actions and beliefs are influenced by others (Spector, 2006). It is the ability to persuade and at the same time motivate a person to work using his full capacity to achieve a purpose. There are different theories related to leadership, which ranges from behavioral approach to transformational theory. The main argument in all these approaches is how behavior, traits, interaction and relationship of a group of people affect the working environment and how it contributes to effective leadership. A research study of Faila and Stichler (2008) mentions there is a positive relationship involving transformational leadership and staff satisfaction. Researchers (Curtis, et al., 2011; MacPhee et al., 2011; Azare and Gross, 2011) all emphasized that nursing leadership is a difficult and challenging task wherein it should not be viewed as just a function or an optional role for nurses. Also, leadership should exist in every nursing facility where change is necessary to address complex concern associated to patient care and nursing outcomes. Nursing leadership can be defined as the processes of careful integration of power along with charisma to inspire nurses towards effective, quality and safe care to patients. However, without proper management chaos within the nursing area will be in the end result. In the hospital setting, nurses commonly complain of fatigue, additional workload, under supervision, low motivation and unharmonious relationship with colleagues. Nurses often experience this phenomenon due to lack of nursing leadership expertise inside a hospital facility. Similarly, lack of communication within the group often leads to such events. Healthcare leadership practices may have positive or negative influences on the clinical outcomes (Cummings, 2010). An ineffective leader can create unsatisfied work staff and unmet goals. On the other hand, effective leaders can build positive healthy working environment, better patient outcomes, high motivation among staff and increased performance. Leadership can be seen as an essential skill for healthcare workers...
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