Lead Up Games

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Lead-up games for any sport allow you to hone your current skills and techniques, practice new or challenging ones, and prepare you for the game or practice ahead. In basketball, lead-up games allow you to work your dribbling, shooting and passing techniques. They can also help hone your defense tactics, as well as build your sportsmanship and teamwork skills.


Basketball golf allows you to practice your shooting skills while adhering to a golf "par" scoring system. Set up two stations, one on each side of the court. Each station consists of nine positions to shoot from. Mark these by placing a piece of tape on the shooting spot with a number. Next, separate the team into four groups and give each team a scorecard and pencil. Have two groups go to a station. Starting at the first station, one player from the first group will shoot. He has five chances to make the shot. Another group member will record the number of shots he took before succeeding. All group members do this before moving on to station two. The second group will then begin at station one. After completing all nine stages, each group will tally their scores. That group that has the lowest number wins.


This game helps you practice shooting and dribbling -- especially under pressure -- and defense skills. Separate the team into groups of two to six and assign them a ball and hoop. Players line up behind the foul line and take turns shooting. Player one shoots, and if she makes it, she gets two points. She then continues to shoot until she misses. Upon missing, she must try to rebound the ball before it bounces twice on the floor. If she can, she gets one point and passes the ball to player two. She then returns to the back of the line. If she doesn't make it, she gains no extra point and relinquishes the ball. All players perform in this manner in an attempt to be the first player to gain 21 points. Note that the line-up may...
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