Discourse Community Analysis

Topics: Basketball, Player, Play Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: May 18, 2015
James McCray
Aryn Bartley
WR 122
April 27, 2015

Respect: Something Earned, on and off the Court

Respect among basketball, football, baseball or players of any sport, is like nothing else. The common mutual respect is so different because one minute it could be there and the next minute it would be gone, and vice versa. Between coaches, players, and referees there is a lot of potential respect but a lot of potential disrespect as well. This respect isn’t earned quickly or easy at all. This is the kind of respect that is so strong that it could last a lifetime or end in a minute. That’s why playing your best when you really need to is so important in sports, especially among friends and people you look up to, the people you go to when you need help with something. The experts of our community are usually the people who have been playing the longest. They are who lead us when we practice or make plays. The last thing you want to do is bring any kind of negativity to the basketball court because it spreads like wild fire. One sarcastic comment or snide remark that is taken the wrong way in the heat of the moment can drastically change someone’s opinion of another person.

Each person is at the court to do a couple of specific things; Getting better at playing basketball, and spending time with other basketball players or friends. These are the overall goals of each player but there is also a special web of connections that each player gets by attending these pick up games. Each person isn't always from the same school so when we meet more people it widens each persons “web of connections”. There is almost always a different group of people each time there is a game and it contributes to so many different types of people and diversifies the group as a whole.

This basketball community in Lane County isn’t just about playing basketball every weekend. We contribute very much to our parks and recreational buildings. A great example is when we had a...
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