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Why we have laws-
The law is a legal set of rules that the government and courts have made for everyone to follow. Without laws, confusion and chaos would occur. In extreme cases of conflict, a state of anarchy would develop. The person with the most strength will start to dominate and the weak and helpless would suffer. However, when laws are enforced, a sense of order is created resulting in a society where everyone can live peacefully.

Why laws change-?
Societies’ perceptions have changed over time, as the composition of society and the moral and ethical values held by the community have evolved. Thus the legal system has been required to implement law reform to uphold the ever-changing values of society.

For example, increasing health research evidence and the substantial numbers of legal cases associated with exposure to second-hand smoking have motivated the Australian government to pass smoke-free outdoor environments legislation.
In 2012, amendments were made to the Smoke-free environment act 2000 to prohibit smoking in a number of particular outdoor public settings. The requirements of the amending legislation- The Tobacco Legislation Amendment Act 2012- came into force in January 2013. Legislating for smoke-free outdoor areas is an important advance in reducing society’s entanglement with tobacco. As we have come to understand more about cancer, tobacco and the effects of second-hand smoke, there’s been a gradual shift in how society has viewed smoking. We have gone from a cigarette love affair in the 20th century, to viewing it as a potentially deadly habit with no benefits.
Public settings to which the new law applies to are children’s playgrounds, swimming pools, entertainment venues, educational institutions, public transport stops and stations and entrances and exits from public buildings. While these changes are unpopular with some, the NSW government is committed to ensuring the exposure of the public - particularly children - to second-hand

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