Law Codes of Ancient Times

Topics: Death Penalty, Code of Hammurabi, Prison Pages: 4 (1428 words) Published: April 14, 2007
In this essay I will discuss the Law Codes of Hammurabi, the Twelve Tables, and the Burgundian. In each of the three law codes I will analyze three different aspects. While analyzing these parts I will give the strengths and weaknesses of each. I feel these aspects are of great importance in creating a sound and just society. The first I will look at is flexibility. With this I will talk about how easily the law codes can be made applicable to the lives of everyday people. Next I will talk about the sanctions or "punishments" that the law code lays out. I will discuss if I feel the law code is just in its sanctions. Keeping in mind that the seriousness of a crime should be equal to the punishment, or it will have little or no effect on deterring a person from committing the crime. Finally, I will discuss the treatment of women in the law code. Personally I believe that women should be treated as equals. I will look at each and see how women are treated. The Law Code of Hammurabi was created in the early eighteenth century. Looking at this document I found that nearly every part begins with "if" and continues with then. This can be helpful if the "wrong activity" or crime is in this law code. This early law code says if you do this then this will happen to you, and this is very important. What about activities not addressed in the code? This law code can not answer this question. It is not possible to write everything down that is forbidden. A standardized court system would have been a nice addition to pull together loose ends. Hammurabi's Code's punishments for deviant acts are quite straightforward. At just a glance I counted double digit crimes that are punishable by death, and quite a few more by throwing people into the river, "which basically is a death sentence." Just having punishments is a huge leap forward from not having anything. Still it seems that respect for this law code would be hard to maintain. So many crimes punishable by death dulls the...
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