Language Is A An Important Component That Defines The Heritage Of A People
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My Experience With Arabizi

Arabizi is created from the words ‘Arabizi’ and ‘Englizi’ that is being experienced among many Arab youths nowadays. An important factor that defines the heritage of people is Language. These style of words mainly replace Arabic alphabets with Latin alphabets. It is mostly used in texting systems over the Net and phones. Many Arabs believe that it has become a “threat” to Arabic language.

Throughout my experience I was clearly affected both negatively and positively while using Arabizi. I mix both English and Arabic due to the fact that it has been a trend commonly used among many people while communicating nowadays. I was clearly addicted to this language while texting and chatting with my friends. Not until I had an Arabic research paper due that I noticed that I was in trouble. As I found it hard to express my words in Arabic, I would first write in Arabizi then later on translate it into Arabic. The most embarrassing experience was when my teacher sarcastically commented on some words that were translated in a wrong way in front of my whole class. I found it very difficult because I knew I had become dependent on it. On the other hand, it is a valid manner that helped me communicate with my friends by mixing it with foreign language. Also, my best experience was when I knew I helped a western friend learn Arabic by continuously talking with her using slang language. When she finally told me she knew how to identify the Arabic Language easily, I knew I was the reason she learnt Arabic.

The slang of Arabic Language has become dangerous as it is replacing the standard language slowly. Ibon Villelabeitia once said “The sudden popularity of “Arabizi” reflects deep changes in society since the early 1990’s, when authorities embarked on economic liberalization” (page 2 ilearn). It is facing dangers from the foreign languages daily used on media and in schools. In the label of literature, Arabic Language is drifting away by

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