Importance of Language

Topics: Psychology, Logic, Learning Pages: 4 (1238 words) Published: March 11, 2008
Language is defined as any body which can be written, spoken shown or otherwise communicated between people. Thus it is obvious that it is significant in all areas of knowledge, as well as balanced. Making it absolutely necessary in learning. I believe language is the most important out of the four ways of knowing due to its influence on the areas of knowledge. It is also significant in each area because it plays a large role for the basic awareness of each area. The austrian-british philosopher Ludvig Wittgenstein even says that "the limits of language are the limits of knowledge". According to Wittgenstein, "What can be thought clearly," he says "can also be said clearly." Language is the greatest factor on which most of the human activities depend. This can explain how significant language's role is, although it is different, yet equally important in each area. Without any form of language, any cooperation and communication would be almost, if not totally impossible. Since equality cannot be measured in this case, I will explain my thesis in the following manner: I will clarify the importance of language by explaining its role in each category. As well as explaining how the other ways of knowing are not as significant in the areas of knowledge but it is included as my counter claim.

The issues concerning language and knowledge call for conscious scrutiny in order to recognize its influence on thought and behavior. In the Arts, for instance, language is completely neccessary to explain the meaning of art to an individual. Essentially, art is all language, just like every other form of knowledge. Art is not possible without some form of symbolism. For example, dance is a great performing art. Body language is a notable form of communication. This means, it is not directly said or even said at all. It is all interpreted from the perspective of the audience. Another example of art would be paintings and photography, also known as symbols that are portrayed for...
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